Personalize your ride while protecting its original finish with a care wrap or bra!

VINYL WRAPS – Variety is the spice of life… and over time we all get tired of looking at the same thing. Until recently, the color of your vehicle was not an easily adjustable item. You bought a car in one color, and unless you were willing to subject your vehicle and your wallet to a costly and invasive, full body color-change respray, it stayed that one color for the duration of your ownership. However, with the advent and refinement of vinyl vehicle wraps, a color-change is now possible with extreme ease.

Vinyl paint wraps unlock nearly limitless possibilities with respect to exterior surface customization. Available in any color, pattern and design conceivable, they afford the most discerning individuals the ability to personalize the exterior surface of their vehicle at a fraction of the cost of repainting.

Additionally, vinyl wraps offer complete and unilateral protection to the vehicles existing paint finish. By wrapping over the vehicles paint the nuisances of rock chips, scratches, UV/sun damage, water spotting / acid rain damage, insect based clear coat failure, salt pitting and just about anything else are completely null and void. In a nutshell, you can now have your vehicle look exactly how you’d like it to, for a fraction of the cost of repainting, all while retaining and preserving the original finish.

Clear Bras – So you’ve got a car that you are head over heals in love with. You are addicted to every facet of its existence. The styling, the performance, and most certainly… the paint finish. This is as good as it gets, this is nirvana. Or is it? Unfortunately, over time, that paint finish you love so dearly will garner rock chips, road rash, water spots, scratches, and swirl marks.

Despite your best efforts, it is no longer the car that you loved… it’s appearance has been tainted! Now, the only way to truly restore its former glory is to repaint it; a costly and time consuming procedure that will ruin the originality of your vehicle and forever blemish the ‘CarFax’, thus negatively affecting the resale value! Sounds like a complete nightmare, right?! However, there is a way to protect your vehicles extraordinary paint, from any type of damage, and conserve that “showroom” quality finish before it becomes an eye sore!

I present to you our Clear Vinyl Paint Protection, better known as “Clear Bras”! Clear Bras are transparent vinyl wraps that sit atop of your vehicles paint and afford absolute protection… all while providing an unadulterated view of the paint color you love so dearly. For ultimate paint protection and luster, we recommend the combination of a paint correction, nano-ceramic coating, and a clear bra!


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